Push Media Takes Over

From Quartz:

Pull media has quickly been replaced by push media, as the Times report makes clear in so many words. Information—status updates, photos of your friends, videos of Solange, and sometimes even news articles—come at you; they find you. And media that don’t are hardly found at all.

In-Feed Ads Are Superior


The proof is in the numbers: In-feed ads work really well.

Advertising firm, AdRoll, ran a test to compare how ads in-feed compared to ads in the right rail on Facebook.

The results are dramatic — in-feed ads boast a 49x higher click through rate.


The Future Is In-Feed

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One of the guiding principles at SocialMatch is that all Publishers will move to feed based publishing.

We loved a recent AdAge article that re-iterates this.

Advertisers must adapt to the form and function of the modern internet. This means understanding its hallmark characteristics like feed-based content consumption and mobile-first design, and then creating content, not ads, that adds value to the user experience.

The article goes on to suggest ‘five pillars’ that serve as the foundation for advertising’s future:

  1. All Content Will Be Consumed In-Feed
  2. All Design Will Be Stripped of Ornamental Clutter
  3. All Sites Will Be Optimized for Cross-Platform Integration
  4. All Ads Will Be Treated As Content
  5. All Content Will Have Forums For Conversation

We couldn’t agree more.